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Find the world role models to encourage young women to study and work in STEM

Role models encourage young women to study and work in STEM,A web site with hundreds of videos that profile diverse female role models in STEM was created, a free and easy to use resource. I am so impressed with this much needed non-profit, Career girls.

Scholarships and Grants

by AWIS National 

Advancing Women in Science

Awards and scholarships provide visibility
and recognition of the contributions of brilliant scientists. They also offer role models and encouragement to the next generation. Several undergraduate fellowships are available.

The Nucleus

by AWIS National 

Welcome to the central repository for AWIS-National articles, blogs, press releases, webinars, videos, and newsletters as well as curated content for women in science and STEM.

AWIS Magazine

by AWIS National 

Award-winning AWIS Magazine is the premier publication written by and for women in STEM and allies. It is a record of women’s contribution to the STEM enterprise and their impact on society with story ideas that come from the real challenges our members face every day in labs, classrooms, corporate boardrooms, and government offices around the country.

Career Center

by AWIS National 

Open Positions for Talented STEM Professionals

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